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Good Soup

In honor of the founding of People’s Music Supply we will be holding a scrumptious banquet of sounds at the Icebox Project Space. While we normally have many, many ideas floating in our brains, we wanted to let everyone else in on the fun while giving our tired frontal lobes a little break.

To this end, we are asking for scores! Scores to play, scores to live by! The submission button can be found below, but we ask that you read all our lovely details before sending in an offering for consideration.


This is an open call for short scores (graphic notation, set notation, game-compositions, semi-notated, etc) that incorporate improvisation.


 Scores should, ideally, be open enough that instruments within the same family and function can be easily substituted for one another. Wishing to use specific performers or instruments is allowed, but lessens the possibility your piece will be chosen. Open instrumentation or notating functions (such as but not limited to bass-rhythm-melody) are preferred. Fully composed music will not be considered.


The maximum length for a piece will be 10 minutes. You may write for any of the performers or instruments listed, from solo to tutti.

For those who are interested, we will also be accepting compositional fragments, which will be played on top of each other in an improvisational manner. This is called The Soup! Fragments can be composed, for solo, duo, trio, or quartet, or any of the other styles previously listed. Fragment length should be in the 10 to 45 second range.


The program for the evening will last roughly 90 minutes. 


Important considerations:


Assume that your piece will not be rehearsed. Assume that your piece was chosen to be played because it intrigued the performer. That it will be an emotionally honest and thorough reading. The space in which these pieces will be played is an extremely reverberant-echoey concrete cube. Most performers will be unamplified. All of us can read notation. Some of us, are extremely proficient at reading notation (Singh, Belcher, Winch, Santiago, McDonnell, Meyer)



Selection criteria:


We do not care about your credentials. The pieces will be judged by the sole criteria of “will this be fun to play, and will this be fun to listen to?” They will be selected by the performers themselves. In the event of a tie, preference will be given to those from the greater Philadelphia region.

Of the 90 minutes, as many full pieces as desired will be played, the remainder of time will be devoted towards The Soup. If we don’t want to play any of the submitted compositions, this will be a concert of pure soup. 


One submission per person. 


Where: Icebox Project Space, 1400 N American Street, Philadelphia PA


When: The pieces will be performed November 12th, 2023, a Matinee showing at the Icebox Project Space. 

Compositions are due by Nov 2nd, but we reserve the right to close submissions early.

Rolling acceptances of Compositions into the “Book” is completed by November 8th.


Compensation: We are a nascent organization, so all we can offer is free admission to the event and a field recording of your composition being played. By submitting you are consenting to a one-time royalty free performance of your work. All ownership of the work remains with the Author/Composer.


Who: People’s Music Supply Band (with more to be announced)


Aaron Pond - Horn, Electric Mbira, wood flutes, voice 

Sonali Singh - Bassoon, Drums

Ann Adachi-Tasch - Flute

Jason Belcher- valve trombone

Mark Brown- Tenor Saxophone
Syl Winch - trombone 
Jack Braunstein- Clarinet

Andrew Gioanetti- Flute, Soprano Saxophone

Thomas Patteson - Harmonium, keyboard synthesizer, alto saxophone

Gabriel Meyer-  Trombone

Carlos Santiago- violin 

Dylan McDonnell- Flute

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