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Friends and Neighbors

Fire Museum Presents
FMP is run by Steve Tobin, a dedicated presenter of the very best in global-traditional and contemporary-improvised musical art forms. Their bills are carefully crafted affairs, which leave the listeners pleased and expanded. Don’t sleep on any of their Indian Classical Music concerts. It’s a great place to meet other musicians, dancers, and creatives, and a nice social atmosphere.


Sound Museum Collective

An educational, curatorial, and logistical support network. They also have a very handy gear library. 

“Through accessible workshops and skill shares, creative team projects and community partnerships, SMC celebrates trans, nonbinary and women sound artists and technicians. We demystify audio engineering and share in the resounding nature of sound.”


PHONK! Philly

Phonk! Philly is an organization dedicated to community music in all of its forms, through drum and dance classes (both in schools and open to broader Philadelphia), parades with Spiral Q, and a big festival every year. The musical taste of the organization has a tendency towards popular and traditional Afro-diasporic forms, as well as big bands. With a particular love of New Orleans and Brazilian Music. Phonk! Is led by Elaine Smith Holton. 


Olney Culture Lab

A curator of cultural events in North Philadelphia, spanning from dance to jazz to visual arts to nature walks. This org centers its local community, providing opportunities to both participate in and patronize the artistic happenings of Olney.


Philadelphia Community Orchestra

“The Philadelphia Community Orchestra (PCO) is an eclectic instrumental ensemble open to all ages and skill levels—no previous musical experience is required. The PCO focuses on experimental, improvised, and alternative music-making for the Philadelphia Community. Repertoire includes rare and underperformed music of the past, graphic and text scores, group improvisations, and works specifically composed for the PCO.”

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