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People's Music Supply Institute 

The People’s Music Supply Institute hosts semi-regular events to collectively explore what music is and what it could be. The format of these sessions varies from month to month, from reading groups and lectures to workshops and film screenings. The vibe is intellectual but decidedly non-academic, and all are welcome.

The activities of the Institute are guided by two main objectives: first, to draw from the collective musical wisdom of the world – of all times, places, and peoples – and not from a single privileged tradition or source of knowledge; and second, to integrate practical, theoretical, and speculative fields of inquiry in the service of creative music-making.

We welcome the interests of the musical community. If you would like to work with the Institute to facilitate an event or initiative, pitch it to us

Below, the Institute also hosts a library of documents relevant to our mission.


"Affordable Instruments for Creative Music" (Aaron Pond

Past Institute Events:

The Song of Harmonics

Ornette: Made in America


Carnatic Music Workshop

Music and the Transformation of Consciousness

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